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Tracklist - 17 tracks in 00h.30m.05s.

01. USCworld ft Cash - The Intro (This Is Illusion!)
02. Kai Tracid - Trance & Acid
03. Future Breeze - Temple Of Dreams
04. Zagros & Pacific - Shine

05. Dave JoyFirst - Impression 
06. Cosmic Gate - Back To Earth 

07. Klinisch Tot - Klinisch Tot
08. DJ Stardust - Stompin' Jack Flash 
09. DJ Isaac - On The Edge
10. Kay Dior - Opus
11. DJ Tatana meets DJ Energy - Feel
12. DJ EnergyVocals – Matthew Tasa
13. DJ Virus - All Your Bass
14. Sybren Danz - Number 
15. The Razzle Junx - The Juice
16. Unix - The Spirit Of God 
17. USCworld ft Cash - The Outro (Radio Tycoon)


Originally, this was intended to become the 6th edition of my Trance4Mation series that i used to create for the illusive pirate radio station Illusion.  But just before it's official online release i received an urgent request from the owner of the Dutch online station Radio Tycoon to create a (hard)trance mix for them. As i didn't have time to create a new mix, i passed them this mix. They explicitly requested a tracklist for this one, that was quite a puzzle when using mainly white label vinyl - but i found most of them 

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