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USCworld ft Cash - Meetpoint Memories Magic Mega Mix (" the 5M ") 
36 tracks in 00h., 34m., 27s. 

001. USCworld ft Cash - The Intro (25 Years After Meetpoint)
002. Einstein dr dj - The Cosmic Radio Station
003. Cut 'N' Move - I'm Alive
004. J.K. - You And I     
005. Sin With Sebastian - Shut Up And Sleep With Me    
006. Devotion - Fading Away    
007. Copernico - I Believe    
008. Garfield - Cool Cat    
009. Haddaway - Fly Away    
010. Devotion - Fading Away (Extended Remix)
011. Sandy - Bad Boy      
012. Technocop - The Miracle Of Life    
013. Masterboy - Generation Of Love
014. Herbie - Right Type Of Mood    
015. A. Kay B.J. - Why    
016. Basic Element - The Ride (hiccup in recording!)
017. Skywalker - Little Jesus    
018. Mr. President - Four On The Floor    
019. Two Brothers On The 4th Floor - Fly     
020. Double You - Dancing With An Angel    
021. K. Da Cruz - Love Is Lifting Me Higher    
022. MoDo - Gema Tanzen (hiccup in recording!)    
023. Three O Matic - Hand In Hand    
024. Odyssey - Face To Face    
025. Colour Of Music - Guardian Angel    
026. Powersound - Freedom Forever    
027. Jam & Spoon - Angel 
028. Hardsequencer - The Sound Transformation    
029. Dance 2 Trance - I Have A Dream    
030.Paul Elstak - Life Is Like A Dance    
031. Wave Kid - Baby, I Need Your Loving    
032. Marc Oh' - Droste, Hörst Du Mich    
033. Imperio - Nostra Culpa    
034. DJ Cook & DJ Ebo - Mind Of Delirium     
035. Farmhouse - Old Bill's Song
036. USCworld ft Cash - The Outo (Oh No...)

Meetpoint Memories Magix Megamix.png

As you can read in my bio, a club called 'Meetpoint' is where i got my first mixing experience. In 2020 that was exactly 25 years ago (time flies!). Back in those days there was one special bootleg mix ("the deep magic dance mix") that was special to us...we got it recorded onto a cassette tape and played it over and over and over again.

It kind of became symbolic for Meetpoint, and i decided that 'one day' i would create a new version of it (made all digitally, when i'd have the right skills and equipment to do so). As you can see, i keep my promises. Unfortunately, there are 2 small 'hiccups' in the recording that happened during mastering. I'll try to release a 'fixed' version soon.

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