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I've been collecting music ever since i was a kid in the mid 80's. As i didn't have enough money to buy all my favourite music, i used to record music from national radiostations, and then use my double cassette deck to edit these recordings untill i had one version of my favourite songs without a radio-dj talking trough it. This enabled me to compile a significant music collection on a low budget, and it were my first steps in audio editing. From the mid 80's till late 80's my music collection kept expanding, as my editing skills improved. 

First steps
In the late 80's/early 90's i got into mixing music, inspired by legends like Ben Liebrand, Dj Deep, Unity Mixers, and Dj Garry Krasovec. My first (re)mixes were used by a friend, as audiotracks for computer demo's by his Amiga-democrew known as USC. Some of these audio tracks found their way to (what was in those days) one of the biggest computer-BBS's (Bulletin Board System) in the Netherlands: Fortress BBS. A few weeks later i was told that some of these remixes became 'download of the month'. This caught the attention of the owners of a locally legendary youth center known as Meetpoint. They asked me to become one of their resident dj's in 1995. Later that year i also officially joined USC (the Amiga demo crew); they had meanwhile evolved into an international community of creative individuals, who introduced me to the people at IDP (International Dance Promotion) and DMC (Disco Mix Club) Holland. 

Going international 
In those days, IDP was the largest dj organisation in the BeNeLux, and DMC was the largest dj organisation in the world. They offered me a place in their crew: between 1996 and 2004 i toured the world as part of the Dutch crew of the DMC World Dj Championships. We toured trough the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, United Kingdom, and USA. I had a chance to meet with artists like Damae (Fragma), and i spend many hours in the studio with my inspirator; Dj Garry. In 2004 i stopped working for IDP/DMC Holland, as the owner sold the company. From then on i focused mainly on studio-productions, such as creating jingles and mixes for various online radiostations. Most notorious is my "Mix by Mix" series: 30-minute yearmixes from 1980 till 2020, that sometimes feature up to 100 tracks! The 30-minute restriction was set by the online radio station that aired the original mix-series. After 2020 i continued the series on request of another online radiostation, and i decided to maintain the "30-minute standard" as i had become my trademark. 

Studio mixing
I've stopped making yearmixes after 2020, is because most music in the charts nowadays doesn't appeal to me. My newer releases feature mainly music from 'the good old days' in various styles (r&b, rock, dance, trance, etc), and thereby underline the diversity of my mixing skills. I don't really like the title 'dj' because to me it refers to someone who enjoys standing behind a set of turntables in front of a crowd. I am more into studio productions, creating my mixes far away from live crowds. I would refer to myself as a Megamixer rather than an disc jockey, even if the people at the online radiostations still prefer to label me as their dj. My "bootleg" style of mixing even got me the nickname "Meezenbroek's Favourite Megamixer", refering to the neighbourhood where my studio is located. 

In 2018 i received a gold YouTube award for an online dj-mix-chanel that i operated together with my creative team (USC). Our chanel was unfortunately disavowed later, due to a quarrel with YouTube over copyright issues - the team's Dutch website still excists, check for more info. In may 2020 i set an Official World Record with a 5-hour audio/video megamix that has over 1243 tracks; unfortunately i could not afford the € 1200 fee for the official register, so i only got the certificate and not the registration in the books, website, et cetera. Both my World Record Attempt Mixes (2007/2020) are available on this site, as Project 45 and Project 46

New website
In 2020 i started building, to collect and share all of my mixes. That made me realize just how many of them i've made. In spite of all the things i've done, i don't consider myself a professional or commercial dj - i am simply a modest guy who makes mixes because i have a passion for music, creativity, and reliving memories from the good old days. One of my favourite quotes is:
"I just want to make beautiful things, even if nobody cares". To be brutally honest; in my heart i hope you do care, and like the things i create. Therefore i would greatly appreciate if you'd leave a comment, a like, or a personal message. Yes, i'd really appreciate that ;-)

Downloads and community
Due to copyright limitations i am not allowed to share any of the mixes as download. All i can do is to offer you my (legal) cloud streams, please keep in mind that the audio quality of these online streams is sometimes not as good as the original recordings.

I am working on the option of paid membership on my own online community, which will make legal downloads possible in the future.

As you may have already seen elsewhere on my website, i am strongly opposed to the regulations concerning the alledged "covid19 pandemic". For that reason i choose not to be vaccinated, which means i can no longer be booked to perform live on indoor events. Since i have been focussing mainly on studio productions for some years now, i don't really miss the physical performances. Since i've gone 100% online, i have welcomed many hundreds of online listeners from all over the world; from Japan to Mexico, from Brazil to the U.K., from Germany to the USA, and many more countries worldwide. As long as unvaccinated people are not banned from the internet, i will keep sharing my mixes ;-)


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