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March 23rd
Dj Cash's birthday party

Dj Cash supports all non-violent
initiatives that fight online censorship
concerning the assumed covid19 p

February 9th
Man-Ryo and  Dj Hideki from Japan
follow dj Cash on Mixcloud

Welcome to my new website. I hope you will enjoy your visit. Please feel free to let me know what you think of it.

About the Mix by Mix Project

Don't you ever wish that you had some kind of time machine, so you could go back to the good old days when life was so much less complicated? Unforunately a time machine does not excist yet, at least as far as i know. 

But listening to music from your good old days can always bring back some sweet memories, That's what i had in mind when i created the Mix by Mix project: a series of yearmixes from 1980 till 2020 (etc), each aproximately thirty minutes (hence my jingle: "30 minutes of non-stop mixing").

So i appointed myself as a time traveller, and music as our virtual time machine. Do you want to join me for a musical trip down memory lane? Then get on board and enjoy the mixes !

Curious? Click here 

April 11th
Dj Garry's annual memorial

April 6th
Andrea Euro and Dj Trancinski from Italy
follow dj Cash on HearThis

September 13th
Dj Dave Power's Birthday party

April 22nd
The Forever Mix
reaches #35 in the GLOBAL Mixcloud mash-up chart


(since most recent website update)

May 3rd
Eduardo Alves from Portugal
favourited 'Project 43' on Mixcloud

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USCworld ft Cash - The Mix by Mix Project # 100

June 4th
Olaf Cherny from Germany
favourited 'Project 90' on Hearthis.at


Dj Cash

I have no facebook or instagam account.
I value my privacy and oppose to censorship

November 27nd
Chayenne Payne from New York, USA

favourited "Project 56' on Soundcloud

February 2nd
Dj Jayna from The Netherlands
favourited "Project 63" and "Project 66" on Mixcloud

January 1st
Luke Lepor from Brazil and Geroge Morris from Aruba
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June 8th
xSheDveil34x from Germany
follows dj Cash and favourited 'Projects 64, 68, and 90 on Mixcloud

June 14th
Ziplok from Nasuha, United States
follows dj Cash on Mixcloud

June 9th
Marukin from Japan
favourited 'Project 43' on Mixcloud

June 17th
DjSoomo from The United Kingdom
follows dj Cash on Mixcloud

July 14th
Didlar from Martinique and Алексей Щербатых from Russia
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July 31rd
Mix by Mix Project 98
Reaches #18 in he
GLOBAL Mixcloud bootleg charts


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